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“8” is the upcoming MFA thesis text, film, exhibition, and experimental album by artist, Steph Foster at the Rhode Island School of Design.

As a culmination of eight projects over the last two years, “8” attempts to anylze and deconstruct the systems and legacies of oppression through analysis of the systems themselves. By reimagining and reconstructing the institutional designs, it becomes apparent that systems are highly engineered, while showing that these very same systems can also be reversed engineered. By creating a space through photography, film, poetry, music and audio narratives, the project seeks to assist in the production of knowledge about the intimate experiences of incarceration, in order to reaffirm the humanity of prisoners, and themselves as individuals with hopes, fears, regrets and dreams for their futures. The goal work is to frame these personal narratives within the larger contexts of racism, slavery, surveillance, and capitalism opposed to the continued imagery of more black faces in orange jumpsuits.

Release: May 2019

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